I know that we all have questions about God, church, and a whole lot more. So, I put together
some Q and A (questions and answers) relating to God, to the bible, and the church. I hope
some questions will be answered.

So to begin with, I am not a Pastor, I am not a bible expert, and I am not a Priest.
So this is a disclaimer. Some of my answers may not agree with everyone. So, please
do  your own research.
You are more than welcome to give comments, suggestions and/or corrections, if it
seems  necessary.

The first set of questions are for those who do not know much about God, the Christian faith,
and the Church.

The second set of questions are for those who know about God, but still are confused about
some things.

The third set are just questions that I just thought of.

So, I hope this will help. Please click one of the following choices below.

-  I am not a Christian, but I have questions about......

-  I am a Christian, but still confused about......

-  other questions
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