Questions ...

I am a Christian, but I am still confused about....

Who is God?
God is 'God the Father', 'God the Son', and 'God the Holy Spirit' - all present in one. To make things
more clear: God the Father is God, Jesus the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. This is called
the Trinity and the Trinity is the foundation of the Christian faith.
So remember, Jesus is God. Jesus became a man and lived a sinless life and he died on the cross,
so that we can have eternal life in Heaven.

Do all religions believe in the same God?
I know there are some who are still confused about God in other religions, like Islam. Some think
that the God (the Trinity) that we serve is the same God that Islam serves. Well, I just want to clarify
this and let you know that the answer is no. Like I mentioned before, The Trinity is the very
essence of God. God is
'God the Father', 'God the Son (Jesus), and 'God the Holy Spirit'. Take one
out like Jesus and call him just a good teacher, or just a prophet and not God, then this becomes a
different god.

So you have to apply that Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God and of course, God the Father is
God.  If one or two are left out, then that becomes a different god and not the true God that
Christians believe in.
Some people may even call themselves Christians and not believe in the Trinity. I would stay clear
or away from their belief system even though they may act more godly than a real believer.

How do I build a relationship with God?
Pray to God everyday or every chance you get. Talk to him.
Read your bible everyday and live by it.
Fellowship with other Christians and get connected to a church.
Find out who God is and find what God has called you to do.

Do we need to go to church?
Yes we do..... This will help you grow spiritually and encourage others.
We need to fellowship and encourage one another.
Also, you will definitely encourage the Pastor of the church.

Why are there so many different churches?
In answering this questions, I will be referring to the different churches that believe in the Trinity
(God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit).

Churches like Baptists, Assembly of God, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Lutherans
churches all believe in the Trinity, but for some reason follow their denomination  guidelines.

There are other churches that believe in the trinity, but I will use the most common to make my

The churches that I mentioned believe in the same God and the same bible, but they will worship
and deliver messages differently.  I will not say that one of these churches is the right one
because, I believe that as long you have a personal relationship with God, God will direct you and
call you to a church to grow and serve.

Now, I will try to explain to you, in my opinion, why there are many churches.

All these churches believe in the same God (Trinity), but we (mankind) have our differences and
own preferences. And because of our own wants and needs, we created different denominations
according to how we(mankind) interpreted the bible. And this is most likely how different traditions
and denomination started.

I will also answer the question like this, ( again this is my opinion).
God - the Trinity, is the head of the body of Christ. The body or the church has different functions
to operate, but it is control by the Head - God.
- The body has many parts: arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach, and so forth. The church is the body.
Each church has a different function under God. The feet cannot do what the hand can do. So,
some churches are not called to do certain functions that other churches are called to do.
- Some will make communion a major part of their services than other churches. Some will make
baptism a major part of their services than others do. Get the idea. Not to put any denomination
above the other, but we all need each other to function as a body of Christ.

Do all churches believe in the same God?
Yes and No.
Yes part is - Churches that believe in the
TRINITY do believe in the same God:  Baptist, Lutheran,
Presbyterian, Assembly of God, Methodist, Catholic, Full Gospel...etc, etc.
NO part is - if a church does
NOT BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY, then we do not believe in the same God.
(Jehovah Witnesses, LDS, Bahaii Faith)

How do I find I good church?
That is a question that I believe requires prayer. But if were to find a church, I would suggest that
you go to a church that believes in the Trinity. If you are not sure about a church then visit a
church at least 3 times, then go to another church and visit 3 times, and so forth. Then I would ask
God which church he wants you to go. Even if he calls you to go to an all  Anglo church where you
stick out like a sore thumb. Believe can happen..... cause for 3 years....then later for 4 family and I did this very thing. Was I lonely..yes, was I starved for fellowship with other
Natives..yes, was my family needing better youth ministry....yes,  yes, and yes. But God called us to
this church at that time. And it was during this time that I grew the most. So, go where you are
called to go.

Where do I start reading the bible?
I always tell new converts the book of John is a good place to start. John is the fourth book in the
New Testament.
So, if you are not sure, start in the book of John and read it again then continue to Acts, Romans
and so forth. Read until you reach Revelations. Then go to the beginning of the New Testament -
Matthew, Mark, Luke. Then read John once more for good measures. Then tackle the Old
Testament. This is my suggestion.
- Pray every time before you start reading, pray for understanding. Sometimes you may not
understand what you are reading, but keep reading. God will reveal his word to you one way or

There are so many different bibles: King James, New International, Living bible..etc, which one
should I read?
Well, I will leave that up to you. I started with NIV (New Interional Version), then after that, I read
King James Version, and now I have found that the New King James Version is a good fit for me. If
you are still not sure, NIV may be a good start. Go to a Christian book store to buy one or ask a
church, if they have one available. All churches should. Do not be afraid to ask for one.

Jesus is coming:
I always hear that Jesus is coming, what does this mean?
Well, we Christians believe that Jesus will set foot on this Earth once again. From my
understanding, Jesus will set foot on this Earth again at the end of the Tribulation. This is his 2nd

What is the rapture?
The rapture is when Jesus calls his people and meets them in the air. This will happen right before
the Tribulation. We do not know when this will happen.

Is there a difference between Jesus 2nd coming and the rapture?
Yes, the rapture happens first and this happens right before the Tribulation. After  the 7 year
tribulation or the time of Great Suffering ( one world government, major destructions, wars, famine
) Jesus will then come to Earth. This is his 2nd coming. This is where he set foots on Earth and is
when the battle of Armageddon happens. So overall, This is how it happens...... Rapture happens
first.....then the Tribulation..... then Jesus second coming.

Are we living in the last days?
I definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY, believe so...

How do I pray?
Good model prayer is....
Start with Praise, then ask him what you need, then
always ask for forgiveness, then thank him and
close with ' in the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen'
Sometimes, in desperate situations, just cry out to him. ' Dear God HELP',' Dear God Forgive me',
'Dear God be with me, give me strength'

Do I need to get baptized?
If you are a new believer or have been a believer for a long time and have not yet been baptized,
then yes. Get baptized. You will be following the example of Christ.