Frybread for
the Stew
Frybread for the Stew?   Well, you may be wondering what I mean about this. So, let me
explain. You may have heard of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. Well, ‘Frybread for the Stew’
would be the Navajo version. And stew with frybread is something that we Navajos can relate
too. Many Natives and non-Natives may associate frybread with powered sugar, honey, and
Indian/Navajo tacos, but to us Navajos - frybread is more than that. It is the very essence of
our identity. And if you are a true Navajo, we all know that Frybread is awesome. Frybread is
awesome with mutton stew, loaded with salt. Add a nice warm Shasta cola on the side or a  
warm steel can of  Fedmart cola  and you are almost in  Paradise.  Mmmmmm…... this is
satisfying my soul  just thinking about it. So, this will be a series of short stories that I hope will
encourage, build, or at least entertain you.  Now, let us begin - 'Frybread for the Stew'.

                    1st Story:    I hate it....

                    2nd Story:   ' Mom....where are you? '

                    3rd Story:  
' Your Shoes'
                                        my story of coming back to Christ.