Please note: I am not endorsing any of the churches listed. I am
simply providing basic information about Native Christian Churches
in big urban areas

Here is a list of Native churches in these big urban areas: Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver,
Dallas, L.A and Salt Lake City.

If you know of any Native Christian Churches that are not listed in one of these areas, please
let me know. Also, I did not list the churches on the Rez because most of the times, people
living of the Rez already know where the local churches are.

So let me encourage you to go to church and fellowship with one another. And if you have
relatives or have kids in these areas, please let them know about these churches. Or if you are
just visiting for the weekend and looking to visit a Church, look through the list and visit one of
them. The list includes Assembly of God, Baptist, Nazarene, and some others.  

So here are the list of Native Churches in the following areas.

In Arizona   - Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix

In New Mexico - Albuquerque

In Colorado - Denver

In Utah -  Salt Lake City

In California - LA area

In Texas - Dallas, Houston
Urban Native